Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine – Fall 2008

Arts and Crafts Homes and the Revival has released their fall issue for 2008!

Featured Articles

Arts & Crafts in Salt Lake City
An appealing Tudor house (wih a Van Briggle tile fireplace) is nursed back from its disco fever.

Vernacular Strength
The ” Adirondack plu” stone and shingle houose called Tallquapie is neither bungalow nor mansion.

The Roycrofters Today
The artisans qualified to use the Roycroft Renaissance mark form an extraordinary, if far-flung, guild.

Replica Kitchen
The ca. 1930 kitchen is perfect for this storybook Tudor house.

A Garden Redefined
A small, dry-climate garden, once inhospitable, gets a practical makeover.

How there comes here, or the impact of Shakespeare on American roofs.


Come to Buffalo, an Arts & Crafts mecca.

The Movement
Architect Gerald Morosco on the A&C revival.

Mica, slag, or slumped—what’s that glass?

Bringing It Back
A primer on the era’s wood floors, their care and their finishes.

What’s that Colonial on my bungalow?


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