Dog Fancy Magazine – June 2009

Bow Tie Inc. has released its June 2009 issue of Dog Fancy Magazine! Featured this month are articles on traveling cheaply with your dog, discover the latest dog toys, best dog parks, and the Cocker Spaniel, Tibetan Mastiff, and Borzoi breeds.

Take Your Dog to Work Day Tip Sheet
Helpful tips for a successul day at the office — with your dog in tow.

Travel on the Cheap
Times are tough, but you and your dog can still afford to get away.

It’s vacation time: How can you do it cheaply? For Julie N. of Nevada, the answer starts with packing her truck with camping supplies — a sight that excites her dogs.

“They know exactly where we’re going,” she says. “New smells, old friends, and the great outdoors.” The cost is nominal, the fun — priceless.

This summer you don’t have to put off taking a vacation. Read on for ideas on how to get away from it all without breaking the bank.
Dogs in Toyland
Discover the latest in toy trends and what dogs like best.

For years my dogs ignored the stuffed purple frog I thought they’d enjoy playing with. Then along came my Belgian Malinois puppy. Della immediately latched onto that frog and loved snuggling with it like a pacifier. More than seven years later, repaired so many times it’s almost more thread than fabric, that frog remains Della’s favorite toy.

We never know what toy might strike our dog’s fancy. As a result, “the dog toy market has grown exponentially since the ball and stick days, now offering products in assorted materials, textures, shapes, and sizes,” says Gina M., manager for, an online store based in Pennsylvania.
America’s Best Dog Parks
These top dog parks make us want to get out and play.

The 2009 DOG FANCY America’s Best Dog Park has that kindred community spirit in spades. As park user Lynn V. told us, “This park has been possible only through generous donations of time, money, and equipment — and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.”

Full-time friend
The charming Cocker Spaniel is a perennial family favorite.

Becky and Hilary have important work to do.

Every day, the two Cocker Spaniels accompany their owner, Ann J. to her veterinary oncology hospital in Pennsylvania. There, they offer comfort and quiet companionship to people whose pets are receiving cancer treatment.

“They act as therapy dogs and brighten up people who are feeling low,” Ann says.

“Becky has been coming to the hospital with me for 10 years. People look for her, expect to see her, and ask for her,” says Ann, a longtime Cocker Spaniel breeder who shows her own dogs. “Both Becky and Hilary are very interactive with people, which is a big feature of the breed. They’re also affectionate and merry. And that’s the essence of the breed.”

An Army of One
You won’t lose any sleep knowing there’s a Tibetan Mastiff on guard.

When Richard E. came home from work one afternoon, he heard a voice calling out from the other side of the front gate: “Help me!”
Richard opened the gate to find a forlorn meter reader perched on a rock about 20 feet inside the front gate.

Several feet away stood Rexx, Richard’s massive, impressive, and intimidating Tibetan Mastiff.

“He was afraid at first, but when it became clear that the dog was not aggressive, he tried to see if he would be allowed to exit the yard,” says Richard, a breeder and American Kennel Club judge in Palmdale, Calif. “Each time he started to slide off the boulder, Rexx would give a warning growl, as if to say, ‘You are going to stay put until my master gets home.’ That he did.

This laid-back dog loves to run.

Like other hounds, Borzoi love being part of a pack. According to breeder and American Kennel Club judge Patti N. of Florida, many Borzoi owners bring more than one Borzoi into their lives. The reason? These dogs get along well together — even the males, which in many breeds can be inclined to fight.


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