The Week Magazine – May 21 2009

This weeks issue of The Week magazine has arrived in mailboxes. Features this week include: Post-college careers: Rotten luck for the Class of 2009; Raising the fuel efficiency of tomorrow’s autos; Obama tackles abortion issue; Sri Lanka’s civil war ends; and Pelosi and waterboarding: How much did she know?

Arts & Leisure


Author of the week: Suze Orman
Novel of the week: Sunnyside by Glen David Gold
Gabriel García Márquez: A Life by Gerald Martin
Book of the week: Mothers and Others: The Evolutionary Origins of Mutual Understanding by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy


Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown
Steve Earle: Townes
Summer sounds: Upcoming music festivals across the U.S.


Angels & Demons
The Brothers Bloom

People and Gossip

Gossip: Woody Allen
Gossip: Brooke Shields
Gossip: Natalie Portman, Sean Penn
Gossip: Farrah Fawcett
George Hamilton’s manufactured image
Nazaar Joodi’s unhappy asylum
When Michelle Pfeiffer was easy prey

New cars: BMW 335d
The best … indoor/outdoor chairs
Tip of the week: How to trim expenses
Best websites to cut travel costs
For those who have everything: Legacy Locker

This week’s travel dream: The other side of Brazil
Getting the flavor of … Lockdown in old Missouri, and more
Last-minute travel deals
Hotel of the week: Mondrian South Beach, Miami

Book List
Best books … chosen by Lisa See

Stage: Giant

Exhibit of the week: The Generational: Younger Than Jesus

The Week’s guide to what’s worth watching
Movies on TV this week
Show of the week: Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone

Business columns: How a good idea turned harmful
Business columns: Deregulation is getting a bad rap
Issue of the week: Getting tough on antitrust

Making Money
What the experts say
Post-college careers: Rotten luck for the Class of 2009

Main Stories
Raising the fuel efficiency of tomorrow’s autos

News & Opinion
Raising the fuel efficiency of tomorrow’s autos
Obama tackles abortion issue
Sri Lanka’s civil war ends

Pelosi and waterboarding: How much did she know?

Best Columns – US
Will voters actually like change?
The derailment of a great American icon
The wounded soldiers we’d rather forget
Quote of the week: Michael Gerson

Best Columns – Europe
United Kingdom: The crime of walking while black
Austria: Where Nazi sympathies no longer shock
Germany: A growing gap between rich and poor

Best Columns – International
Saudi Arabia: Beware of sweet-talking women
South Korea: A society that needs no appointment

Talking Points
Cheney: Why he’s gone on the offensive
Abuse photos: Obama’s change of heart
The media: Can The New York Times survive?

The charter school alternative

How They See Us
When Bibi met Barack

Wayman Tisdale
Robert B. Choate Jr.
Sid Laverents

Health and Science
Health & Science
Health scare of the week: The threat of Martian microbes

It Wasn’t All Bad
Pig roots up World War I bomb, and more

Boring but Important
Credit card overhaul

Only in America
Using stun guns on children, and more

Good Week – Bad Week
‘Heteropaternal superfecundation,’ and more

Teenager brandishes banana in store hold-up, and more

More adults living with parents, and more


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