Equities Magazine – February 2009

February 2009 Equities Magazine Cover

Equities Magazine has released their February edition!

Monsters of the Day Trade

Jon and Pete Najarian tackle today’s financial market, the world of options, and opportunities to watch for in 2009.

As the market continues to chart unprecedented territory, economic news and analysis is stealing the spotlight among the mainstream media. And in an industry where characters are abundant and everyone claims to be an expert, brothers Jon Najarian and Pete Najarian have risen above the crowd to become some of the few trusted voices. While their stints in the National Football League may be well-documented, the Najarians made their bones in finance amid the trading pits of the Chicago Board Options Exchange dating back to the early 1980s. Their unique background and flair for counterculture have made their signature ponytail and facial hair as recognizable as the intuitive insight they dole out each day on CNBC and optionMONSTER.com.

Equities caught up with the Najarians during a rare window in their busy schedule. Jon was preparing for one of his regular appearances on Fast Money, and Pete had just finished blogging about the day’s biggest trade—in this case, a major move in Boeing. As expected, the discussion was both candid and entertaining.

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