Details Magazine – May 2009

Condé Nast has released their May 2009 issue of Details Magazine. In the feature article you’ll find out how the Australian actor, Eric Bana, channels pure evil as Star Trek’s new villain. Also featured are Mandy Moore, Aaron Schock, Joe Frazier, Stu Rasmussen, Juan Carlos Ramírez-Abadía, Tom Ford, and the Lotus Evora.

Eric Bana Makes Captain Kirk His Bitch
The Australian actor played a conflicted beast in Hulk and a troubled assassin in Munich. Now the antihero from Down Under channels pure evil as Star Trek’s new villain.

Mandy Moore
As a teen pop star, she was sweet and unsettlingly cute. Now Moore’s all grown up and playing rock and roll.

Is This A Gay Face I See Before Me?
The uproar over the newly discovered portrait that might be of Shakespeare proves that even death and 400 years don’t offer immunity from our cultural obsession with the closet.

Aaron Schock: The Freshman
The youngest member of Congress is out to save the GOP before he turns 30.

The Recession Splurge
Just because you’re supposed to be cutting back doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in cashmere socks.

America’s First Transgender Mayor
In 2000, Stu Rasmussen spent $4,000 to get a pair of 36Ds. In January, in Silverton, Oregon, he made political history.

The Ceo Of Cocaine, Inc.
Juan Carlos Ramírez-Abadía was one of the most notorious drug kingpins since Pablo Escobar. So how did he end up in a Brooklyn jail?

Wiseguy: Joe Frazier
The boxing legend sounds off on fighting blind, lobbying Nixon over tea, and being frenemies with Muhammad Ali.

Mcg Whiz
Most directors want their films to be seen as art. McG just wants Terminator Salvation to be seen.

No Sweat
For those of you about to perspire, we offer the definitive guide to staying dry.

The Lotus Evora
The British sports-car manufacturer’s latest creation is built for drooling over.

Saturation Point: Child Prodigies
Isn’t our collective fascination with each new wunderkind starting to get, well, a little old?

Joe Frazier Uncut
The boxing legend sounds off on fighting blind, lobbying Nixon over tea, and being frenemies with Muhammad Ali.

The New Luxury Sports Watch
The latest model is precision-crafted, multipurpose—and all black. See the six best.

Rules Of Style: Tommy Hilfiger
The all-American designer on why fit, quality, and the pursuit of preppiness never go out of style.

Summer Plaid Shirts
Freed from its flannel shackles and its long-standing ties to grunge, plaid is a smart way to energize your spring wardrobe.

White Denim
Give your favorite beat-up jeans a day off by trying a pair in white instead.

The Sin of Sloth
American fashion may be rooted in sportswear, but dressing casually is never an excuse for sloppiness.

Cool Or Tool?
The goatee: part mustache, part soul patch, the high-risk grooming choice proves two wrongs rarely make a right.

Two Tribes
The best jackets and trousers for spring.

The Rules of Khaki
How to find the pair that will evoke James Dean, not Howard Dean.

Rules of Style: Rick Owens
The American-born, Paris-based designer may be known for his radical collections, but he still loves a classic suit as much as the next guy.

How to make yourself rainproof
You don’t have to look washed up in a downpour. These items will help you survive the wettest weather.

Designers On The Verge
Patrik Ervell, Alejandro Ingelmo, Robert Geller, and Adam Kimmel are stirring up menswear with collections as unexpected as they are compelling.

Spring Awakening
Designer Christopher Bailey reinvented Burberry. Now he’s reinventing himself.

Cool Or Tool?
The fedora is ubiquitous again. But just because you wear it at a quirky angle doesn’t mean you’re channeling Sinatra.

Girl Not Included
Patent-leather lace-ups, candy-colored belts, and cotton-canvas tote bags are just a few of the accessories you’ll want to own this spring.

Lighten Up
You don’t have to abandon your suits when the weather gets warm. These eight versions—constructed to feel as weightless as shirts—will keep you cool and collected.

Best Investments
Rumpled trenches, trim khakis, and cotton ties with long shelf lives.

Rules Of Style: Donna Karan
The first lady of American fashion talks about achieving Zen—spiritually and sartorially.

Graphic Content
When white and black come together the result is an intriguing treatise on modern dressing.

Neutral Territory
Spring arrives with layered organic tones.

The New Preppy
Madras. Khaki. Navy blazers. Preppy style is back for spring, and it’s never looked so modern.

Rules Of Style: Scott Sternberg
The designer behind Band of Outsiders on the merits of wearing ties, being discreet, and smoking the occasional joint.

Shirts And Skins
The mandate for spring may be to unbutton that shirt, but how low can you go?

The Little Black Suit
The perfect noir two-button is the guy’s equivalent of the little black dress.

Army-Navy Style
Why you should hit up the local Army-Navy for masculine basics.

The New Rules Of Denim
Dark-rinsed, gray, black, beat-up. For something so basic, denim has many incarnations. Here, a road map to get you moving beyond five-pocket blue jeans.

Rules Of Style: Tom Ford
The designer, film director, and all-around agent provocateur on the luxury of silence, the problem with short suit jackets, and why you should ignore your sexual orientation at least once.


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