Dog World Magazine – May 2009

May 2009 Dog World Magazine Cover

Bow Tie Inc. has released its May 2009 edition of Dog World Magazine!

Learn a few games that give puppies a head start in agility, flyball, and dock diving. Got an active dog? Liz Palika offers two fun tricks you can teach him to keep his mind occupied.

Meet the Breed: Intense Instincts
Agility, intelligence and determination make the Border Collie the ultimate herding dog.

Ever since Stanley Coren named the Border Collie “the smartest dog” in his book The Intelligence of Dogs (Free Press, 2005), too many people have wanted a dog like it. This has resulted in an increased demand for the breed as a pet and as an exceptional competitor in dog sports.

Puppy Orthopedic Problems
Learn how common joint disorders are diagnosed and treated.

A well-functioning musculoskeletal system is fundamental for active dogs. To enjoy life on the fast track, dogs need their muscles and joints to be strong, flexible and working smoothly. However, problems do arise – especially in young puppies during their formative months.

The Importance of Play
Your puppy’s carefree games are essential to its mental and physical development.

Pick of the Litter
Future champion or future pet? Find out how experienced breeders determine a puppy’s potential.

Making Adjustments
Chiropractic is gaining recognition as a viable treatment option for canine conditions.

Pain relief is no longer just for humans. Today, dog owners have many options when seeking pain management for their four-legged friends. Canine chiropractic is increasing in popularity as one of those alternatives.

Rare Breed Spotlight: South African Boerboel
Developed in an untamed land, this versatile farm dog embodies courage and balance.


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