How Magazine – June 2009

HOW magazine has published a special issue on designer’s guide to creativity. HOW’s June issue is packed full of inspiration and techniques for keeping your most valuable asset—your creativity—in perfect shape. This special Creativity Issue dives deep into the issue that both challenges and enthralls designers, with tips, inspiration and eye candy to fuel your best ideas.

Daily Deadlines
Learn how a commitment to producing a piece of work every day helped five designers dip into their deep wells of creativity. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to join the art-a-day movement.

Java Jolts of Creativity
Your team’s brainstorm sessions suck. Collaboration is a chore. You’re mired in the same-old same-old. Sound familiar? We’ve got a host of idea-generating exercises guaranteed to bring fresh thinking—and even fun—to your group’s creative process.

Write More Good
As project budgets shrink, are you forced to write text to go along with your layout? Do you cringe when you read the sales copy your clients provide? Here are 4 simple strategies for developing your own writing skills so you can draft headlines with flair and edit the marketing mumbo jumbo out of your clients’ copy.

Print It Yourself
Printing by hand is all the rage in design, and you can tap into the trend with our step-by-step instructions for 3 cool projects you can do yourself. It’s the perfect excuse to walk away from your computer and get ink on your fingers.

Go Metro: Design Maps the Route to Cool
Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you’ve seen this group’s stellar work in all the major design annuals. Meet the in-house designers at L.A.’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, who are putting a creative spin on government projects.


Be a Smarter Manager
When you opened your design studio, you didn’t realize that employee issues would be so challenging. Get 3 strategies for resolving your staff problems.

Selling Your Services
If you’re an in-house designer, you have to market your group just like a design firm. Here are 6 ways to sell your department to your corporate clients.

Welcome to Moosylvania
See how a design studio in the St. Louis area transformed a vacant church into a drool- worthy workspace.

10 Hot Tips for a Cold Economy
From choosing the right paper to picking the most efficient print format, learn how to maximize a lean production budget.

Project-Management Tools
Our veteran technology columnist evaluated 4 popular project-management applications to help you identify the right tool for your firm.


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