Portfolio Magazine – April 2009

Portfolio April 2009 Magazine Cover

Condé Nast has released their latest edition for Portfolios Magazine!

Cover Story:

Pipe Dreams
Sarah Palin says she’s building a gas pipeline. The only problem: It isn’t there. And it’s her fault.

Exxon vs. Obama
Peak oil and plunging crude prices are nothing—the world’s biggest energy company may finally have met its match.

The Thrill is Gone
Michael Jackson wears tube socks, and now they can be yours. Highlights of the Neverland Ranch possessions being auctioned off.

The Prime of Mr. Nouriel Roubini
Life is good for the economist known as Doctor Doom. But is the recession’s best-known prophet just a one-hit wonder?

Cash Me If You Can
The savviest move Yale endowment chief David Swensen may have made in the last year was to ignore his own advice.

His Space
MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe on why he thinks his business model is better than Facebook’s.

Spoils of Prosperity
The rise of militant populist Jacob Zuma is exacerbating
a new rift in South Africa.


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