The New Yorker Magazine – May 4, 2009

The May 4, 2009 issue of New Yorker has been published. Featured are articles on the Texas Secession, Dolly Parton, and Jeff Koons.

So Long, Pardner
If at first you don’t secede…. A second try at a Texas Secession?

The Talk of the Town

Take Two
Reprogramming ex-Wall Streeters for new careers.

Looking Swell
Dolly Parton on New York City. 

At Sea
A fire on the island off the Bronx.

Art on the Grass
Jeff Koons and an art collection in Greenwich.

The Sporting Scene

Horse Sense
The debate over racing.

Shouts and Murmors

by Noah Baumbach

Annals of Medicine

Open Channels
New drugs that target bad genes.

A Reporter at Large

The Life After
A startling exercise in reconciliation.

Letter from Washington

Money Talks
The guardian of Obama’s priorities.


“The Slows”
by Gail Hareven

On Television

“Parks and Recreation.”
by Nancy Franklin


The novels of António Lobo Antunes.
by Peter Conrad

Briefly Noted: “Every Man Dies Alone”; “Wandering Stars”; “The Rider on the White Horse”; “Armenian Golgotha.”

The Art World

“The Pictures Generation.”
by Peter Schjeldahl


Merce Cunningham and Karole Armitage.
by Joan Acocella

Musical Events

Esa-Pekka Salonen’s exit.
by Alex Ross

The Current Cinema

“Il Divo,” “The Limits of Control.”
by Anthony Lane


by Ange Mlinko

“Forgotten Fountain”
by W. S. Merwin

Critics’ Notebooks

The début of the YouTube Symphony.
by Alex Ross

“Clytemnestra,” at the Skirball Center.
by Joan Acocella

“The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes,” at BAM.
by David Denby

DVD Notes

David Fincher’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”
by Richard Brody

Table for Two

Vinegar Hill House
by Lauren Collins


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