Boating Life Magazine – April 2009

Boating Life April 2009 Magazine Cover

The Bonnier Corporation has released their April 2009 edition of Boating Life Magazine.

On the Cover
Bryant’s 268 has to be solid to live up to the company’s reputation.

Trailering Olympics
See what happens when we create a series of rig- and mind-bending challenges for three of the savviest boat haulers you’ll ever meet.

The Innovators
Meet the brains behind the boat with the best on-water sound system we’ve ever heard and Italian-style cockpit furniture. These are the people who have changed pontoons (yes, pontoons!) forever.

Five Minute Rule
Boating as a way of life has also been a path to death in this remote Alaskan village. We joined the Coast Guard to bring a few simple rays of hope in the teeth of treachery.

From the Helm
Dummies on board

Fish intel: It’s debatable

– The Dog Whisperer gives us his exclusive boating tips for Max
– How to camp next to the water, in a nutshell
– Making sense of boating at night
– Directions for better steering
– Why you should have LED lights

Quick Looks
MasterCraft’s new 30-foot cruiser is a shocking intro. Plus, five fresh inboards for water sports.

Road Trips
Caddo Lake, Louisiana/Texas; Portsmouth, New Hampshire

At Play
Fight the fish instead of your lures; The $300 wakeboard boat

Boaters Market
Gear of the month

We’ve Always Wanted to Ask
The most-compelling view on the water


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