E The Enviromental Magazine – March/April 2009

E: The Enviromental Magazine has released its March/April 2009 issue! In it you find a few articles dealing with President Barack Obama. One on his policies and expectations, another on the garden planted by Mrs. Obama, and the final one of the Green school Obama’s children are attending. Also featured are California emmissions, better clean water protection, and reforming the corps.

President For The Planet – Obama’s Assembled the Green Team, but They Can’t Solve this Crisis Alone

President Obama’s biggest hurdle in taking on environmental challenges may be widespread consumer denial. That’s because, as it turns out, Americans are looking to the president to solve the environmental problems of the day—from fuel shortages to high gas prices, from polluted rivers to asthma-inducing air—and blaming him if he falls short.

The Green Roadmap
Environmental groups present the president with a shared vision.

Forest Watch
The future of the country’s public forests is far from clear.

Finally Fighting Emissions
California’s battle to regulate greenhouse gases from cars goes national.

What Garden State?
New EPA head draws mixed reviews.

Muddy Waters
The push for better clean water protection.

Becoming Sustainability Natives
The Obama children’s green school.

Reforming The Corps
The Army Corps of Engineers needs an overhaul.

Growing The First Garden
Simon and his partner, Casey Gustowarow, are on a mobile campaign to get the First Family to grow veggies on the White House lawn.

Green Living

Eating Right: Nice Spread – Better Butters, Minus the Peanuts

Your Health: Secret Allergen Attacks – Where to Find Indoor Allergy and Asthma Triggers, and How to Stop Them

House & Home: Bring Back The Bees – Creating a Buzz-Worthy Yard

Money Matters: Safety In Green – Even in Tumultuous Times, Green Investing Holds Promise

Going Green: Treading More Lightly – Capturing the Sun in the Mojave Desert

Consumer News: A Cut Above – More Hair Salons Are Going Green. From recycled hair clippings to wind-powered appliances, beauty salons across the country are getting a green makeover.

Tools For Green Living – Resources for eco-awareness and action


Cut Down – Clearcutting In California’s Sierra Nevada
Lumber giant Sierra Pacific Industries is clearcutting California’s Sierra Nevada Forest – and leaving a barren wasteland in its wake.

Solar To Go – A Mobile Solar Generator Makes Going Off-Grid a Little Easier

Here Come The Floods – As Water Levels Rise, Designers Find Sometimes Counterintuitive Solutions.


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