Simple and Delicious – May/June 2009

Simple and Delicious has published its May/June 2009 issue. Featured in this magazine is an “how to grill guide” containing 75 grilling recipes, 30-Minute Menu: Pizza Pasta Toss & Salad Greens, several desert recipes which can be made in 10 minutes, and preparing for a Memorial Day party.

How-to Grill Guide
Kick off the summer barbeque season with Taste of Home! In this how-to grill guide, we share our favorite grilled chicken, steak, pork and ribs grilling recipes, along with our best BBQ tips and grill menu ideas.

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  1. Top 10 Grilled Chicken Recipes
  2. Top 10 Burger Recipes
  3. Top 10 Grilled Ribs Recipes
  4. Top 10 Grilled Steak Recipes
  5. Top 10 Grilled Pork Recipes
  6. Top 10 Grilled Fish Recipes
  7. Top 10 Grilled Vegetable Recipes
  8. Top 5 Grilled Dessert Recipes

30-Minute Menu: Pizza Pasta Toss & Salad Greens

At home in historic Beverly, West Virginia, realtor Lori Daniels’ two girls, Hannah, 11, and Heidi, 7, keep her constantly on the go with Girl Scouts, basketball, music and church activities. And then there’s work. “As a realtor, you need to be flexible with your schedule to accommodate customers and clients who work or come from out of state,” Lori says.

Luckily, Steve, her husband of 17 years, helps to get meals on the table. Besides being a machinist and welder, Steve also raises Black Angus cattle and has a garden, from which he harvests many of the fruits and vegetables Lori uses to prepare nearly 10 meals weekly!

Ready in 10 Desserts
Fast-fixing 10-minute dessert recipes

Peanut Butter Delights
I’ve been making these sweet peanut butter parfaits for years, so I do it by memory now. Instead of sprinkling the top of these Peanut Butter Delights with chocolate chips, use chocolate syrup to create a gourmet design.

Angel Food Cake with Fruit
I get so many compliments on this Angel Food Cake with Fruit dish, and it’s so simple to make. Fruit and peach pie filling create a lovely sauce—in just 10 minutes!

Black Forest Sundaes
This dessert makes a sweet ending, and best of all, Black Forest Sundaes take just five minutes to prepare! My husband and grandchildren just love them.

Garden-Fresh Recipes
Make the most of spring produce with these delicious recipes.

Tangy Asparagus Potato Salad
I look forward to making this Tangy Asparagus Potato Salad whenever asparagus season rolls around. It’s been our family’s favorite for years.

Italian Spinach Salad
Here’s a quick, colorful veggie salad as refreshing as springtime itself. Italian Spinach Salad is also pretty as a picture and a great way to use up all those extra hard-cooked Easter eggs!

Rhubarb Lemon Muffins
My father has a rhubarb plant and gives me some every spring. I stew a portion of it for him, but always save a little for a new recipe. Rhubarb Lemon Muffins is one of the tastiest I’ve tried.

Memorial Day Picnic Recipes & Tips
Start the summer off right with these recipes and party tips for your Memorial Day celebration.

Memorial Day Party Planning Tips
Although Memorial Day has simply come to symbolize the start of summer for many people, its true purpose is to honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving our country. Here are a few ways you can observe the real meaning of Memorial Day with your family:

  1. Take time to explain the meaning of Memorial Day to children or grandchildren.
  2. Proudly fly the American flag.
  3. Take your family to a Memorial Day parade in your community.
  4. Place a donation in an American Legion kettle and get a red poppy for your lapel.
  5. Make a point of attending a ceremony at the local war memorial.
  6. Stop by a local cemetery and place flags on the graves of fallen soldiers.

Pirate Party
Throw a pirate-themed birthday party with these fun recipes, games and cake decorating ideas!

Yo-Ho-Ho Game Ideas
Make your own “pin the eye patch on the pirate” game.

Hold a treasure hunt, complete with treasure map, messages (clues) in bottles, and prizes like pirate story books, eye patches, bandanas, gold-covered candy coins and candy necklaces.

Hide a ticking egg timer and let kids try to locate Captain Hook’s hidden crocodile before the bell rings.

Have a three-legged “peg-leg pirate race.”

Divide the kids into two teams for a water balloon battle using red and black balloons (or foam balls).

Toss bean bags into an open treasure chest.

Pool Party Tips
To keep salads, meats and desserts cold and safe at a summer party, I place all the containers in a pleasing arrangement in a small, inflatable child-size swimming pool. Then I sprinkle bags of ice cubes around everything. I also use netting from a fabric store to keep flies and other pesky bugs out of the food. I have enough to cover the tables, too. After the party, I wash the fabric on the gentle cycle in the washing machine and air-dry it for future use.

I make gelatin for picnics and pour it into individual plastic containers with mini marshmallows on top. To make it special, I sprinkle with pastel marshmallows. Kids always enjoy this treat. Plus, this prevents spills that can occur when you’re spooning from a larger bowl.

Scooping ice cream at a party is always so messy and time-consuming. Therefore, before a party I place single scoops of ice cream in paper cupcake liners and pop them back into the freezer until they’re ready to serve.

When you’re grilling lots of chicken wings for an outdoor party, speed up the basting by putting the sauce in a spray bottle and spraying it on the wings as they cook.

Recipe Index


Pull-Apart Sticky Bun Ring
Bacon Vegetable Quiche


Blueberry Ice Cream Tart
Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes
Coconut-Layered Pound Cake
Cookie Sundaes
Hidden Treasure Cupcakes
Triple Chocolate Cake

Snack Loot

Summer Fruit Cooler
Summer Fruit Salad
Summer Fruit Salad for 2
Summer Strawberry Soup
Vegetable Pasta Salad

Main Dish

All-American Loaded Burgers
Asian Pork Burgers
Buffalo Turkey with Linguine
Grilled BBQ Meatball Pizzas
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
Hash Brown Pork Skillet
Hearty Sirloin Pitas
Macaroni & Cheese Bake
Meaty Noodle Casserole
Monterey Chicken
Orzo-Stuffed Peppers
Pasta Carbonara
Pepperoni Provolone Pizzas
Pizza Pasta Toss
Potato-Topped Chicken Casserole
Ranch Turkey Wraps
Ranch Turkey Wraps for 2
Roasted Turkey Breast Tenderloins & Vegetables
Shrimp & Broccoli with Pasta
Shrimp Burritos
Smoked Kielbasa with Rice
Swiss Steak Burgers
Swiss Steak Burgers for 2
Taco Turkey Burgers
Tortellini and Ham
Zesty Tacos


Cobb Salad with Chili-Lime Dressing
Fruit Flower Garden
Fruited Chicken Pasta Salad


Pirate Ship Sandwich
Pizza Burgers
Toasted Artichoke Sandwiches
Side Dish
Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus
Flavorful Red Potatoes
Fried Onion Rings


Smoked Sausage Gumbo

Low Carb

Asian Pork Tenderloins
Balsamic Almond Chicken
Balsamic Almond Chicken for 2
Chili Cheese Dip
Crustless Chicken Quiche
Greek-Stuffed Hamburgers
Green Beans with Pecans
Italian Pot Roast
Mediterranean Green Salad
Orange-Glazed Salmon
Salmon with Vegetable Salsa
Steaks with Mushroom Sauce
Steaks with Mushroom Sauce for 2
Summer Squash Casserole

Low Fat

Corn Salsa
Herb Vegetable Medley
Orange Rhubarb Sauce
Salad Greens & Creamy Sweet Dressing

Lower Fat

Asparagus with Dill Sauce
Basil Red Potatoes
Basil Red Potatoes for 2
Berry Delicious Rhubarb Crisp
Cajun Potato Wedges
Cereal Snack Mix
Citrus Chicken
Green Salad with Pepperoni and Cheese
Grilled Artichoke-Mushroom Pizza
Grilled Asian Flank Steak
Grilled Lemon Chicken
Grilled Vegetable Platter
Honey-Glazed Lamb Chops
Iced Coffee Latte
Italian Tossed Salad
Out to Sea Pasta Shell Salad
Parmesan Breadsticks
Pork Chops Creole
Pork Chops with Blackberry Sauce
Radish Asparagus Salad
Seasoned Tilapia Fillets
Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes
Southwestern Corn Salad
Strawberries with Chocolate Cream Filling
Toffee Bars
Tropical Pie
Turkey Stir-Fry with Cabbage


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