Sky & Telescope – June 2009

Sky & Telescope magazine has released it’s June 2009 issue. This is No. 6 of vol. 117. Featured in this issue are articles on two NASA missions to the Moon, Saturn’s icy moons, new software for eclipses, Serpent Bearer, and a review of the CCDelightful QSI 540wsg.

Lunar Fireworks
If all goes as scheduled, in late August two NASA spacecraft will slam into the Moon in the hope of finding water there. Meanwhile, a NASA lunar orbiter will set the stage for future astronauts

Ice Worlds of the Ringed Planet
NASA’s Cassini mission has solved long-standing mysteries about Saturn’s icy moons, but raised new ones in their place.

Great Imaging Tools for Eclipse Chasers
New software makes it easier than ever to create stunning total eclipse images.

Herald of the Summer Milky Way
The Serpent Bearer is marching up into the evening sky, trailing a wealth of stars and clusters.

The CCDelightful QSI 540wsg
With its big chip and guider port, this camera delivers high performance and high elegance.

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